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Dr. Waine Kong
President of the HIC Foundation

Dr. Kong serves as the President of HIC Foundation. Dr. B. Waine Kong has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce the ravages of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. As CEO of the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC), Dr. Kong has grown ABC into an international organization which actively advocates for culturally competent health care, increased representation of minorities in the health professions, and availability of appropriate health care and medication for all citizens. Dr. Kong (along with Dr. Elijah Saunders) conducted the first clinical trials for African Americans relating to the efficacy, sexual side effects and quality of life of various treatments for high blood pressure. With a grant from the American Heart Association, Drs. Kong and Saunders developed language describing the early warning signs of heart attack that was later adopted by the AHA. Dr. Kong also co-authored the Vital Signs Quality of Life questionnaire that was used in several clinical trials.