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Dr. Dainia Baugh

Dr. Dainia Baugh is an expert in Wellness, Cardiac Risks and Chronic Disease Management. Dr. Baugh served as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt prior to becoming the Medical Director of Nashville Internal Medicine Associates. She previously also held the position of Medical Director of the PHV at Vanderbilt. Hospital.

She previously was appointed to the Board of the office of emergency management and disaster preparedness by the governor of the state of tennessee.

Dr. Baugh's practice focus is preventive medicine. She oversees HIC's individually tailored heart disease prevention and wellness clinic. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Holistic Medicine. Dr Baugh holds the distinction of being the only physician in Jamaica with US board certification in Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Baugh is well known for best practices in wellness management and risk prevention. She has published extensively in the medical literature and is internationally respected.